Browse the Yellowstone National Park Thermal Organism Database

Welcome to the YNP RCN Thermal Organism Database. Yellowstone's thermal features are home to all three domains of life as well as viruses. Here, you can browse or search through different types of organisms that are associated with the thermal features in Yellowstone National Park.

There are currently 1249 entries in the database including 678 individual species. Check back often as new organisms will be added regularly.

Tree of life image covering bacteria, eukarya, archea and viruses Browse the Bacteria Domain Browse the Archaea Domain Browse the Eukarya Domain Browse the Aquifex Phylum Browse the Thermodesulfobacteria Phylum Browse the Thermotogae Phylum Browse the Green Sulfur Bacteria SuperPhylum Browse the Cyanobacteria Phylum Browse the Proteobacteria Phylum Browse the Green Nonsulfur Bacteria Phylum Browse the Gram-Positive Bacteria Phylum Browse the Euryarchaeota Phylum Browse the Crenarchaeota Phylum Browse the Thermoprotei Class Browse the Methanococci Class Browse the Thermococci Class Browse the Korarchaeota Phylum Browse the Thermoplasmata Class Browse the Acanthamoebidae Browse the Fungi Kingdom Browse the Viridiplantae  Kingdom Browse the Viral Domain Browse the Methanopyri Class Browse the Methanobacteria Class

NOTE: It can take up to 30 seconds to load data from a domain, so have patience.