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USGS Fact Sheet 2005-3024, 2005      Steam Explosions, Quakes, and Volcanic Eruptions-What’s in Yellowstone's Future?
Jacob B. Lowenstern, Robert L. Christiansen, Robert B. Smith, Lisa A. Morgan, and Henry Heasler
USGS Fact Sheet 2005-3024, 2005

Yellowstone, one of the world's largest active volcanic systems, has produced several giant volcanic eruptions in the past few million years, as well as many smaller eruptions and steam explosions. Although no eruptions of lava or volcanic ash have occurred for many thousands of years, future eruptions are likely. In the next few hundred years, hazards will most probably be limited to ongoing geyser and hot-spring activity, occasional steam explosions, and moderate to large earthquakes. To better understand Yellowstone’s volcano and earthquake hazards and to help protect the public, the U.S. Geological Survey, the University of Utah, and Yellowstone National Park formed the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, which continuously monitors activity in the region.

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