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Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2005      The in situ pH of hydrothermal fluids at mid-ocean ridges
Kang Dinga, William E. Seyfried Jr., Zhong Zhang, Margaret K. Tivey, Karen L. Von Damm, Albert M. Bradley
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2005

Here we report the first in situ pH of hydrothermal vent fluids at mid-ocean ridges. Measurements were made during dives with DSVAlvin to the Main Endeavour Field (Juan de Fuca Ridge) and the East Pacific Rise at 21°N, and 9°–10°N using solidstate electrochemical sensors. Vent fluid temperature and pressure ranged from 180 to 384 °C and 220 to 250 bar, respectively. pH(in situ) of the highest temperature vent fluid is only slightly acidic (5.1–5.4), although sharply lower values occur at the seawater/vent-fluid interface. Knowledge of pH(in situ) is essential for unravelling the complex geochemical and biogeochemical processes controlling the evolution of seafloor hydrothermal systems.

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