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Thermal Features
Hendrix, Christie L.

Ms. Christie L. Hendrix

Research Permit Facilitator
Yellowstone Center for Resources
National Park Service
Yellowstone NP, WY
Yellowstone National Park is the proud host of over 200 research studies annually. The Research Permit Office is tasked with issuing permits to researchers who conduct scientific studies in a variety of disciplines. We are also responsible for monitoring the fieldwork associated with scientific studies and ensuring that it does not negatively affect park resources or conflict with any other park goals or missions. The Research Permit Office also works to promote scientific study in the park, as well as collect and appropriately disseminate the results of park-related scientific inquiry. 
Current interests include the promotion of the Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center (GYSLC). The GYSLC is a partnership between Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Bighorn Canyon national parks, the Greater Yellowstone I&M Network, and the Rocky Mountains Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit. Its purpose is to build stronger relations with scientists and better communicate science results to interested park audiences.