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Cary, S. Craig

Dr. S. Craig Cary

Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences
The University of Waikato
Lewes, DE

Molecular techniques in microbial community structure analysis with emphasis in understanding interactions among bacterial communities in extreme environments.

Comparative physiology, biochemistry and ecology of marine invertebrate/bacterial symbioses with focus on use of molecular techniques to resolve biochemical interactions between host and symbiont. Research centered primarily on hydrothermal vents and cold seep habitats.

Bacterial symbiont transmission mechanisms during early development. In situ hybridization and fluorenscense microscopy for quantitative analysis of gene expression of symbionts in response to early developmental processes of host.

Use of molecular technology in the development of biological indices to better assess condition and levels of adaptation of marine bacteria in extreme environments.

Development of molecular diagnosic tools to detect and enumerate harmful algal species in Delaware waters.