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environmental samples

NCBI Taxonomy ID: 236028
NCBI Taxonomy Rank: No Rank
The genus Hydrogenobacter is an obligately chemolithotrophic and autotrophic hyperthermophile. Various Hydrogenobacter species utilize H2, S0, or S2O32- as electron donors and O2 or NO3- as electron acceptors and grow up to 95°C (optimum, 85°C). Nutritional studies of Hydrogenobacter species have shown them totally unable to grow chemoorganotrophically on organic compounds including complex mixtures like yeast or meat extract. Aquifex, a relative of Hydrogenobacter, shows most of the same properties as Hydrogenobacter but can only tolerate very low O2 concentrations.
Taken from the text Brock Biology of Microorganisms (10th ed.). Madigan, M.T., Martinko, J.M., and Parker, J. 2003. Prentice Hall. 442p.