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Aquifex sp.

NCBI Taxonomy ID: 313370
NCBI Taxonomy Rank: Species
The genus Aquifex is an obligately chemolithotrophic and autotrophic hyperthermophile and is the most thermophilic of all known Bacteria. Various Aquifex species utilize H2, S0, or S2O32- as electron donors and O2 or NO3- as electron acceptors and grow up to 95°C (optimum, 85°C). Only very low O2 concentrations are tolerated by Aquifex, but it remains one of the few aerobic bacterial hyperthermophiles known. Nutritional studies of Aquifex species have shown them totally unable to grow chemoorganotrophically on organic compounds including complex mixtures like yeast or meat extract. Hydrogenobacter, a relative of Aquifex, shows most of the same properties as Aquifex but is an obligate aerobe.

Autotrophy in Aquifex is supported by enzymes of the reverse citric acid cycle, a series of reactions previously found only in green sulfur bacteria within the domain Bacteria. The complete genome of Aquifex aeolicus has been determined and its entirely chemolithotrophic/autotrophic lifestyle is supported by an amazingly small genome of only 1.55 megabases (one-third the size of the E. coli genome).
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