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Ammonifex degensii

NCBI Taxonomy ID: 42838
NCBI Taxonomy Rank: Species
Ammonifex is a thermophilic member of the low GC, gram-positive Bacteria that grows anaerobically by H2 oxidation coupled to the reduction of NO3- to NH3. It contains ether-linked lipids similar to the thermophilic bacterium Thermodesulfobacterium. This is interesting because the glycerol side chains of these ether-linked lipids are not phytanyl groups but instead a unique C17 hydrocarbon along with some fatty acids.
Taken from the text Brock Biology of Microorganisms (10th ed.). Madigan, M.T., Martinko, J.M., and Parker, J. 2003. Prentice Hall. 441p.