Abyss Pool


One of the deeper hot springs in the park, Abyss Pool descends to 53 feet (16 meters). It varies from turquoise blue to emerald green to various shades of brown. In 1883, a park visitor described it as "a great, pure, sparkling sapphire rippling with heat."

Abyss Pool erupted for the first time in recent history in August 1987. It remained quiet again until September 1991, when it erupted frequently in spectacular, but short, 100 ft (30 m) bursts. The next active period lasted December 1991 through June 1992, when it erupted several times per day. Each eruption was a series of explosive bursts, sending water 30-80 ft (9-24 m) high and a plume of steam above the treetops. The pool's entire body of water appeared to turn end-over-end in a turbulent boil. Since that time, Abyss has been a quiet, distinctive feature at West Thumb.
*Adapted from the NPS West Thumb Geyser Bain Trail Guide and the West Thumb Interactive Tour

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Not Reported

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Latitude: 44.41821
Longitude: -110.5725
Survey Date: June 22, 2000

Geographic Area: West Thumb
Thermal Region: West Thumb Geyser Basin
Thermal Complex: Lower Group
Ranger District Contact: Grant District, Matt Vandzura (307) 344-2601

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Park 6/22/2000 82.6°C 104°C 7.99 1000 µS/cm No
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