Splendid Geyser


Splendid Geyser's eruptions are at times over 200 feet in height, making it among the tallest geysers in Yellowstone. Its eruptions are infrequent and difficult to predict except for the fact that it is more likely to erupt when a storm front rapidly reduces the barometric pressure in the area. This slightly reduces the boiling temperature in the plumbing system and occasionally triggers a splendid eruption.

*Taken from the Old Faithful Area Interactive Map

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Latitude: 44.4702
Longitude: -110.8447
Survey Date: June 12, 1999

Geographic Area: Firehole River Drainage
Thermal Region: Upper Geyser Basin
Thermal Complex: Daisy Group
Ranger District Contact: Old Faithful District, Colleen Rawlings (307) 344-2701

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Park 6/12/1999 84°C 98°C 8.14 2400 µS/cm No
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