Sapphire Pool


Three miles north of Old Faithful is Biscuit Basin, named for the unusual biscuit-like deposits formerly surrounding Sapphire Pool. Following the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake, Sapphire erupted, and the "biscuits" were blown away.

*Adapted from the NPS Old Faithful Area Trail Guide and the Old Faithful Area Interactive Map

Feature Type

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Latitude: 44.48495
Longitude: -110.8552
Survey Date: September 14, 1998

Geographic Area: Firehole River Drainage
Thermal Region: Upper Geyser Basin
Thermal Complex: Biscuit Basin
Ranger District Contact: Old Faithful District, Colleen Rawlings (307) 344-2701

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Participant USGS 1/1/1800 -- -- -- -- Yes Details
Park 9/14/1998 82.5°C 0°C 8.06 2400 µS/cm No
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