Porkchop Geyser


Porkchop's history is wilder than most. Dramatic behavioral changes have characterized Porkchop Geyser during the last decade. Once a small hot spring that occasionally erupted, silca began to seal the vent causing Porkchop Geyser to become a continuous spouter in the spring of 1985. The force of the spray caused a roar that could be heard at the museum over 660 yards (603m) away. Pressure built beneath the vent until, on September 5, 1989, Porkchop Geyser exploded. Rocks surrounding the old vent were upended and some were thrown more than 216 feet (66m) from the feature. Porkchop Geyser is now a gently rolling hot spring.

*Adapted from the NPS Norris Geyser Basin Trail Guide and the Norris Interactive Map

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Latitude: 44.72212
Longitude: -110.7081
Survey Date: August 13, 1998

Geographic Area: Gibbon Canyon
Thermal Region: Norris Geyser Basin
Thermal Complex: Back Basin
Ranger District Contact: Norris District, Al Miller (307) 344-2501


Heasler, Henry
Nordstrom, D. Kirk
Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Participant USGS 6/1/1971 -- -- -- -- Yes Details
Participant USGS 9/1/1972 -- -- -- -- Yes Details
Participant USGS 6/1/1975 -- -- -- -- Yes Details
Park 8/13/1998 41.5°C 0°C 6.64 2200 µS/cm No
USGS 5/31/2003 80°C -- 7.24 2240 µS/cm Yes Details
USGS 5/31/2003 92°C -- 4.94 1960 µS/cm Yes Details
Participant Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina 6/4/2003 71.7°C -- 7.46 2370 µS/cm Yes Details
USGS 9/2/2003 77°C -- 7.18 2350 µS/cm Yes Details
USGS 9/2/2003 91.8°C -- 5.98 2160 µS/cm Yes Details
USGS 9/10/2004 90°C -- 8 2210 µS/cm Yes Details
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