Sulphur Caldron


Sulphur Caldron is one of the most acidic springs in Yellowstone. Its turbulent waters have a pH of approximately 1-2, which is about as acidic as car battery acid or stomach fluids. Its name comes from the large amounts of free sulphur in its waters.

*Adapted from the NPS Mud Volcano Trail Guide

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Not Reported

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Latitude: 44.62838
Longitude: -110.4334
Survey Date: July 24, 1998

Geographic Area: Hayden Valley
Ranger District Contact: Norris District, Al Miller (307) 344-2501


Nordstrom, D. Kirk

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Park 7/24/1998 57.2°C 0°C 2.4 3800 µS/cm No
USGS 6/5/2003 74.3°C -- 1.68 6800 µS/cm Yes Details
USGS 6/8/2005 74.8°C -- 1.85 4480 µS/cm Yes Details
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