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Latitude: 44.73145
Longitude: -110.7113
Survey Date: October 1, 2001

Sample Information

Submitted By: Inskeep, William P.
Sample Code: NGB-BEA
Sample Site Description: No site description is associated with this sample
Sample Date: February 1, 2007
Publication: No publication associated with this sample

Sample Data

Unless otherwise specified all measurements are in mg/L. A 0 or a negative number most likely reflects an unreported value.

pH Temp (°C) Vent Temp (°C) Sp. Cond. (µS/cm). Mg Na K NH4 Al Fe(II) Fe(III) FeT
3.080 67.300 0.109 269.029 42.580 1.335 3.987 1.916 1.611
As(III) As(V) AsT Sb(III) SbT Cl- F- Br- NO4 NO2 SO4 B
1.873 6.035
Li Sr Ba Mn Zn Pb Be V Cr Co Ni Cu
0.190 0.030 0.100
Cd Se Mo Hg (ng/L) Ca DO H2S P H2 CO2 S2O3 SiO2
4.369 0.210 1812.384 101.461
DOC 2H (per mil) δ18O (per mil) Density (g/mL 20°C) I (M) Eh (V) Free H+ Acidity (mM) AcidityT (mM) Alkalinity (HCO3) Sum Cations (meq/L) Sum Anions (meq/L) +/- Imbalance (%)