Fountain Paint Pot


Fountain Paint Pot is one of many mudpots found in the park. In early summer the mudpots are thin and watery from abundant rain and snow. By late summer they are quite thick. The mud is composed of clay minerals and fine particles of silica. In this area the rock is rhyolite, which is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar. Acids in the steam and water break down the feldspar into a clay mineral called kaolinite.

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Latitude: 44.55058
Longitude: -110.8062
Survey Date: July 1, 1998

Geographic Area: Firehole River Drainage
Thermal Region: Lower Geyser Basin
Thermal Complex: Fountain Group
Ranger District Contact: Old Faithful District, Colleen Rawlings (307) 344-2701

Feature Data

Data Source Supplied By Sample Date Temp Vent Temp pH Cond Extended Data
Park 7/1/1998 -- 0°C -- -- No
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